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Transmission & a Live Wire

You tacky thing, you put them on

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she's a tramp, she's a tramp, she's a vamp
Just another mishmash of personal, political, cultural, and literary reflections from a Californian in her mid-twenties. My interests and tags give more detail, if you're curious.

Q. tacky_tramp, you friended me! Why?
A. Because I want to read your LJ on a regular basis. This might mean I am madly in love with you and/or want to be your new BFF. It might just mean I find your blogging compelling. If this bothers you ... um, don't post things publicly that you don't want random people reading? In all seriousness, while I find it odd, I will stop reading your blog if you ask me to.

Q. tacky_tramp, you defriended me! Why?
A. Usually, because I've found myself skimming over your posts on my flist rather than reading them intently. My interests change from time to time. Sometimes I defriend people because they've pissed me off and the sight of their username and posts makes my blood boil with fury. If that's you, you'll almost certainly know, because I will have already chewed you out to your face. :)

Q. tacky_tramp, may I friend you?
A. When I make posts public, it means I'm cool with random internet people reading them. That's all friending is. Did you ask Google if you could bookmark them?

Q. tacky_tramp, I want to defriend you, but I'm afraid of drama. :(
A. I'd be lying if I said it doesn't make me a little bummed when people defriend me. You were reading my writing and now you're not anymore. This seriously hinders my attempts at being popular on the internet. There's also a chance I pissed you off and/or you don't want me in your flocked posts anymore. However, I don't do defriending drama. And if I tried, the outcome would be laughable.

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